Arthur Gann

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Thanks for Wonderful Sketching Opportuniies

Having the opportunity each year to draw sketches of people from all over Florida has prevailed upon me an appreciation not only for the art aspect but mainly for the life revealed from the folks I’ve met and the reasons for their celebrations. Most of the events that...

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Fine Art Created by Art Gann - Imaginary Paintings [nggallery id=1] Caricatures of Local Celebrities [nggallery id=2] Portraits [nggallery id=4] Employee Mural for Hilton Orlando [nggallery id=3] Disclaimer: The pictures in this gallery have been made web ready and...

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Caricature Art Philosophy

To Emphasize the attractive shape and handsomeness of people and accent their features without changing their Natural beauty. Originally I expressed a somewhat negative approach to representation of Caricature art, as was fitting to the main stage and historical...

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