Having the opportunity each year to draw sketches of people from all over Florida has prevailed upon me an appreciation not only for the art aspect but mainly for the life revealed from the folks I’ve met and the reasons for their celebrations.

Most of the events that I attended this past year have been family events like, birthdays, weddings, graduations and promotions, baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs and church family events.


The business events were mostly employee or employer appreciation parties, public relation events and promotion and retirement themes.

My largest event this year was the Pro Golf Tournament in N. Florida; we had 5 artists there working 4 hours at Ponte Vedra.


In May and June I completed a 6ft x 4ft painting for the 25th year celebration of Diversity Leadership.  The composition included 20 people, 18 atop a double deck bus.


Most recently I had the honor of working an event for Rosemary’s 90th  birthday party.  Rosemary is an artist specializing in painting portraits on china.  I saw a necklace with china pendant portrait which was very beautiful, professional and skillfully painted.


This year I gave an art lesson to middle school students that was fun for me.

I worked 3 school fundraisers and 2 school charity events.